How to Pack and Store Your Stuff

4 Wrapping Materials You Must Have If You're Planning to Move

Moving from one house to another is one of the most nerve-racking experiences in anyone's life. Not only will you need to adapt to a whole new place and new surroundings, but you'll also need to transport all your belongings without breaking or losing anything. To keep packing as stress-free as possible, here are four packing materials you should buy in advance.

1. Bubble wrap

One of the most well-known packing materials used to keep fragile items safe from breakages is bubble wrap—and it's popular for good reason. Bubble wrap comes in a variety of sizes for different uses, and it's easy to use. You can even buy bubble wrap bags for even easier packing. Use bubble wrap to keep items like glasses, trophies and more from snapping or cracking during transit. Remember to always wrap the items with the bubble side facing inwards to guarantee top-notch protection.

2. Padded wrapping paper

No matter how great your removalists are, there's always a chance your furniture could get damaged in transit. Even something as seemingly insignificant as a speed bump or a road turn can knock your furniture into each other, scratching or nicking it. Here's where padded wrapping paper comes into play. The cushioning on this paper can protect all your expensive furnishings from getting chipped or scratched during the move. It's a great choice for hard furniture like a desk, a tabletop or a dresser.

3. Ziploc bags

While big furniture may be your biggest worry, small items can be just as valuable. What's worse is that the smaller the item, the easier it is to lose. To keep that from happening, it's best to purchase a variety of Ziploc bags in different sizes. You can use them to store small screws, batteries, brackets and more—tiny items that will make a big difference if you can't find them in your new home. Losing screws, for example, will make reassembling furniture impossible. For the easiest possible unpacking experience, remember to label your bags.

4. Stretch plastic wrap

Worrying about your drawers flying open when you're moving them around? Purchasing a stretch plastic wrap will take care of that for you. Not only will it save you from the trouble of your drawers flying about, but it can also save you time because you won't need to pack up anything that's inside. The plastic wrap will make sure nothing moves or scatters out, even when your furniture is in transit.

To learn more, contact a local removals company.