How to Pack and Store Your Stuff

Business Storage Options

Does your business need storage space? It is a sure way to keep the office decluttered and spacious. Moreover, you do not need to rend expansive office space. Below is an excerpt discussing some business storage options. 

Storage Units 

Conventional storage units are quite popular among business owners. However, you must be cautious when renting the unit. Below are some pointers to help you choose a storage unit. 

  • Assess the size of the storage unit to establish whether it suits your current and future business storage needs.
  • Inspect the unit before moving in. For example, cracks could let in dust, humidity and pests that could damage the stored items.
  • What are the storage conditions? Assess the rental contract to establish what you can store in the unit. For instance, some storage companies prohibit clients from storing food or weapons.
  • What amenities do you need inside the unit? For example, a climate control unit helps you control humidity, while an alarm system can help prevent theft.
  • Assess and negotiate the storage costs. Most storage companies give significant discounts to clients willing to sign long-term contracts. Moreover, they offer complementary services such as free removals.
  • Check whether you need insurance coverage. If you do, check whether your standard insurance policy covers items in storage.  

Portable On-Demand Storage 

Business owners might not have the time to access items in storage units. If this is your case, you should consider portable on-demand storage. It is an arrangement where the storage company brings a storage unit to your business premises. If you opt for this option, inspect your premises to establish the best location to place the storage unit. Typically, the location should be accessible to the crane truck that will bring the unit. Consider a raised platform to prevent weather damage and rusting. 

What amenities do you need in the unit? Portable on-demand storage units can be used as working or retail spaces. Therefore, consider units with amenities such as lighting, tiled floors, windows and multiple entries. This way, you can convert the unit into a working space. 

Full-Service Storage 

Full-service storage is a viable alternative for business owners who cannot rent portable on-demand storage. In this case, the company transports items from your storage unit to business premises. This way, you do not have to visit the unit when storing or taking your items. Assess the company's conditions before signing the storage contract. For instance, how long does it take to ship items to your office? What guarantees does the company give? Remember to examine and negotiate the costs.