How to Pack and Store Your Stuff

How To maximize The Space In Your Storage Unit

Self-storage units help you declutter your home and store seasonal items. You may also use these facilities when transitioning between homes. If you rent a storage unit, ensure you take all necessary measures to maximise the use of space. This piece gives you some valuable tips to help you efficiently use the area inside a self-storage unit. 

Vertical Storage 

Vertical storage of items in your self-storage unit helps you efficiently use the available space. There are different ways to store your items vertically. First, you can invest in racks designed to arrange various things. For example, you may purchase a rack that makes it easy to store a wide range of electronics components from your home. 

The second method involves hanging things vertically by suspending them from the top or wall mounts. Therefore, ensure you have hooks, hangers and ropes to hang different items and use the available space efficiently. For example, hanging your items from the top helps you exploit the remaining area after racking up things from the bottom. 

Vacuum Sealing Items

Vacuum sealing involves extracting the air from a bag before closing it when storing an item. The bag shrinks and adapts the shape of the object inside. This method reduces air inside the bag and ensures that microorganisms, moisture, dust and other substances in the air do not ruin your item while in storage. Another advantage of this tactic is that it helps save you valuable space in the unit. 

Prioritise items of clothing that you keep in storage since they are the most likely possessions that can shrink in a vacuum-sealed bag. Ensure the towels, pillows, coats and blankets are in plastic bags and ready for vacuum sealing. The seal is essential when storing items for an extended period and prevents you from using a lot of space for a few items of clothing. 

Proper Arrangement

The arrangement of a storage unit determines how easily you can access different items after moving into the room. Poorly arranged storage units might consume more space when you rearrange after searching for something inside since there is no discernible organisational schematic. Therefore, adopt a method of placing items that is simple and easy to follow. 

In addition, identify items that easily fit into each other. For example, you can fill up the old fridge in your storage with utensils instead of getting a separate container. Other items such as tables can have more miniature furniture or boxes stacked under them. These methods help you make proper use of the available space. 

Some of the best ways to efficiently use space in a storage unit include vertical storage, vacuum sealing and proper arrangement.