How to Pack and Store Your Stuff

Why Moving House Can Be a Whole Lot Easier If You Plan This Way

Moving house is definitely something that concentrates the mind. It's as if you have to put your whole life into boxes and put everything on hold until you can set up in your new place. For some it's a surreal experience, for others it's a major chore. If you're getting ready to move long-distance, you've certainly got a lot to think about. What strategies can you focus on to help make this more bearable and to ensure that your possessions get to your new place unharmed?

Initial Planning

Divide everything up into two different categories before you start. You've got to figure out what can be put into a box and what can't be and this generally delineates the big from the small. Furniture can't really be put into a box, of course, but it should be catered for separately, so that it is protected and secured for the journey ahead.

Getting the Right Materials

For this, you need to get a variety of different types of protection. Some people like to use old duvets or comforters, but it may well be worthwhile for you to get proper moving blankets. They are specifically designed to provide the right amount of protection on a consistent basis for each piece of furniture. Specific blankets will take into account that some parts of your furniture items are more vulnerable to damage than others, allowing you to wrap them carefully.

Bubble Protection

Now that you've looked after the big stuff, it's time to focus on the fragile, smaller stuff. Get some rolls of bubblewrap, which are perfect for protecting glassware and china. Take the glass doors off the entertainment centre, gather together any delicate paintings or keepsakes and knock yourself out with the bubble wrap.

Wrap Away

Packing tape and shrinkwrap can help to avoid scuff marks and damage. Due to the difficulties of shipping and the inevitable element of manoeuvrability that you need to get to your new place, scrapes and scratches are likely. Use as much of these materials as you can, bearing in mind that this stuff is relatively cheap in comparison to the value of what you are trying to protect.

Easier to Transport

Dismantle the larger items if at all possible to make it a lot easier to transport. There is a reason why manufacturers allow you to unscrew these particular legs, frames or doors. They know that you will move them from time to time and there is a high risk of damage to those components.

Many People Forget This

Finally, before you even start to move things about and pack them, a thorough cleaning is highly recommended. Several layers of dust could have accumulated underneath or behind big items of furniture and anything that adheres to these items could cause damage if not removed ahead of time.

Getting Expert Assistance

To ensure that you make this as seamless as possible, it's always a good idea to bring in a professional moving company. After all, this is what they do on a daily basis and they will help to protect and move your possessions as efficiently as possible.