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Arranging Your Furniture Before Moving Home

When you've found the home of your dreams and completed any legal requirements needed to make the big move, it's tempting to relax, safe in the knowledge that all will go smoothly. One of the biggest logistical challenges your removal service could face is arriving and finding that the furniture does not fit. To prevent this issue, or overcome it, forward planning is essential.

Why arrange your furniture before moving home at all?

Whether it's a door that's too small or a staircase that's too narrow, there are plenty of ways your new home could obstruct your furniture. Should this happen without forewarning, you may arrive at the property on the day and find you have to make new arrangements to accommodate your furniture. This may mean breaking it down and reassembling it or finding an alternative place to store it. In a worst case scenario, you could go without furniture until a more suitable piece arrives, which makes the process of moving home extra stressful.

How can you prevent such problems arising?

The simplest way is to measure the space available in your new home and compare it to your old property. In addition, you should consider the length and width of any door frames or windows you need to move items through, as well as staircases and narrow hallways. If you want to take a particularly detailed approach, you could try downloading an app or software that allows you to recreate the new property's dynamics in order to virtually place items of furniture within its walls. In addition to ensuring your goods fit inside the property, this is a handy way to visualise whether they fit into all the new nooks and crannies you are faced with.

How can you approach furniture that does not fit?

If it does not look as though your furniture can fit into the new property, don't rush to buy new items just yet. Consider whether there are alternative modes of entry, such as through large windows or French doors that are easy to remove. If you are still struggling to find a way to bring the furniture in whole, see if the removal service you are using can break it down and put it back together again once inside the property. Finally, if the item in question still won't fit but it holds great sentimental value, look for a self-storage facility that will protect it until you can find a more suitable place. Making such plans in advance allows you to get more for your money and gives you the best chance of finding the most suitable option.