How to Pack and Store Your Stuff

Staying a Few Steps Ahead: Planning a Long Distance Move

Moving to a new home doesn't figure on anyone's list of fun things to do, and moving to the other side of the country makes the whole process a lot more complicated. Sure, the interstate removals company will pack up your old home and transport your possessions quickly and securely, but the whole process is much easier if you're a few steps ahead of them. In order to achieve this, you should fly to your new home, and stay in a hotel or motel while you get things ready.

Paint Before Your Furniture Arrives

Since your furniture and possessions can take a couple of days to reach you, now is the time to get your new home ready. It's much easier to paint the walls of an empty home, so you should take advantage of this fact. Paint your home before the moving truck arrives, and then move your stuff right in to a home that's now decorated the way you want. There will be time for the paint to dry, and a few small bowls of lemon slices, water and salt will soak up that unpleasant paint smell.

Should You Bring Everything?

Of course, you would have had to travel to your new town to find your new home, and the preparations for moving should start immediately. Get a measuring tape and measure doorways and other points of entry. You should also think about whether heavy items will need to be carted up several flights of stairs, and whether these stairwells are sufficiently wide for this to happen. If there is something in your existing home that won't be able to be easily brought inside your new home, you should leave it behind. Selling or giving away these bulky items will make your move a lot quicker and easier, and you might even save money during the move.

Unloading the Truck

Take a look at the street outside your new home. Can the moving truck stop here to unload its cargo? Don't leave this until the last moment. If it's not possible for the truck to stop right outside your door, you'll need to source an alternative unloading area within walking (and carrying) distance. If this is the case, you should consider some other requirements. Will you need to pay for parking? Will you need to find a few helping hands to carry things that extra distance? These things need to be arranged well before the truck arrives.

The logistics of an interstate move don't need to be so difficult… just so long as you plan ahead!