How to Pack and Store Your Stuff

Tips when Hiring a Furniture Removal to Move Home

Moving house can cause major stress. Not only can it get costly, but you're leaving treasured items in the hands of an unknown company. To improve the experience, consider the following tips on choosing a removal company and getting a reliable quote. Also, discover hints on how to reduce the cost of your move.

Choosing a Removalist

Trusting all your worldly possessions to strangers can feel nerve-wracking. But it needn't be. Just do your homework before settling on a removalist company. You can check their reviews on review websites to see if any ongoing issues are evident. Is the company a member of a relevant industry group such as the Australian Furniture Removers Association? If so, you have a further layer of security around them.

Also, get clear on whether they charge by the hour or whether they set a fixed fee so you don't get surprises and you can rely on their estimate. Ensure they have all the relevant details about the move. For example, are there stairs at either end, which can increase the cost? You can also get insurance for your items to protect your peace of mind if any become damaged or lost.

Ways to Cut Costs

Moving house can be costly. However, you can push expenses down. First, get your own boxes and pack your stuff rather than hiring a removal company to do this particular task. You should systematically work on a plan, such as emptying one room at a time. Also, label the boxes meaningfully. For example, stick the room destination on the sides or colour code the boxes according to their contents. An inventory list of all the cartons will help you stay on track.

When considering ways to cut costs during removals, factor in the timing. Busy peak times can lead to companies increasing prices because of the competition for their services. Typically, weekends are more hectic than mid-week. And the start and end of the month are more in demand than the middle of the month. So try to pick a quiet time to get the best price.

Another way to lower removal fees is to load less stuff into the truck. After all, living in a new home provides a fresh start. So why not take the opportunity to dispose of things you don't really need or want? Many things in a home are recyclable so that you can help the environment at the same time. For example, mattresses and appliances with metal parts are recyclable. Consider small items too, like saucepans and electronic gadgets. You might donate clothes, books, and toys to a charity.

For more information, contact furniture removalists near you.