How to Pack and Store Your Stuff

How to Prepare for a Long-Distance Move

Moving has never been simple, and moving interstate or to a new country brings in a whole set of new complications. However, you can use the tips below to prepare for your long-distance move and make it effortless.

Pack in Advance

Unlike a local move where you can easily use open boxes or rely on previously used packing supplies, you will need to pack your items more securely for a long-distance move. Your items will be travelling through a truck down highways and maybe on rough roads. Thus, simple packing could be disastrous. Consider packing in advance before your moving date. Purchase new and high-quality padded quality materials for your fragile items to ensure they reach safely.

Downsize and Prioritise Items                                       

You wouldn't want to pay extra to carry goods which you don't use anymore. Therefore, as soon as you decide you will be moving, start downsizing and getting rid of items you no longer use. You can either open a garage sale for things you no longer use or donate them to an organisation. Downsizing helps lower your moving costs and makes it easy to pack and unpack.

After downsizing, you should then prioritise the remaining items as you pack. Which items do you often use? For example, put your bedding, towel, and other often used personal effects in one box. Easy access to these amenities will make you more comfortable after moving into your new home as you settle in.

Itemise Your Belongings

An inventory is essential during a long-distance move. It offers a convenient system to check everything that has been loaded onto the truck and helps during offloading to minimise losses. Although a professional moving company will always keep their inventory, you should also keep your copy. Itemising your belongings helps both parties track the items and quickly notice a missing inventory. Ensure you label boxes appropriately to make the inventory list easy to manage.

Hire Long Distance Removalists

As you prepare for a long-distance move, consider hiring a long-distance mover earlier before your moving date. While finding a reputable long-distance moving company, don't solely focus on the affordability of their services. You should also consider their reputation, reliability, and trustworthiness. Long-distance removalists can also help with your packing at a small fee. As professionals, their packing is top-notch and will ensure additional protection against unforeseen challenges.

Are you getting ready for a long-distance move? Schedule a consultation with removalists for a quotation and to make your booking.