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How Do Furniture Removalists Move Your Heavy Furniture?

Moving heavy furniture from a house to a moving truck is no easy task. That's why moving heavy furniture is a job best left to professional removalists. If you try to move heavy pieces of furniture without help, you could injure yourself or damage your furniture or home.

But if you have some valuable furniture to move, you might be wondering just how a removalist can move that furniture safely. Furniture removalists have a reliable system that helps them to move heavy furniture.

Assess the furniture beforehand

Before furniture removals begin, removalists usually assess the furniture they are about to move. This is especially true of heavy items of furniture. During the initial assessment, removalists will look at the following details.


Removalists will first check the weight of furniture before they begin moving it. When they have an idea of how much a piece of furniture weighs, they can decide whether or not they need to use moving equipment such as sliders and dollies or not.

Size and shape

Since your removalists will be moving your furniture through your house, they'll need to check the size and shape of it first. They will then measure the doorways, corridors and stairways to ensure the furniture will fit.

Ability to take it apart

If they can disassemble an item of heavy furniture, removalists will do so. This will help them to move your furniture more easily.


The condition of your furniture will affect how removalists move it. If your furniture is in poor condition but you still want to keep it, the removalists will take extra care while moving it.

Employ the right maneuvering techniques

Furniture removalists employ techniques to move heavy furniture in pairs. For instance, professional removalists use the high-low technique. To move furniture with this technique, one person holds the bottom of an item while the other person holds the top. These maneuvering techniques help to protect heavy furniture from damage.

Use the appropriate tools

When necessary, removalists will use tools and equipment. For instance, they'll use moving or shoulder dollies and sliders to move heavy furniture smoothly through a building.

Work in teams of at least two  

The key to moving heavy furniture safely and efficiently is by using at least two people per team. And many removalists will have one additional person on standby to ensure that the process moves smoothly.

If you take the time to choose a reputable furniture removalist, you can be sure that your heavy furniture will get to your new home safe and sound.