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Two Situations in Which You Should Use Commercial Removalists' Services

Here are two situations in which you should use a commercial removalist's services.

Your stock is very valuable

People who run small businesses that don't carry expensive stock can sometimes manage without commercial removalists when they move to different premises (such as, for example, someone who runs a small corner shop that sells inexpensive food items in small quantities). However, if you sell valuable stock (for instance, if you're a jeweller and sell jewellery with high-carat diamonds or solid-gold components), then you must let a commercial removalist assist you when you change premises.

Moving valuable stock to a new location is risky. Whilst your expensive jewellery might have been safe in your secure, CCTV-monitored premises, whilst it was displayed in the protective glass cases, there is a chance that it could get damaged, stolen or lost if you try to transport it in, for example, your own car, which is far less secure than your old premises.

If anything happens to your jewellery whilst you're trying to transport it yourself, you might have to wait several weeks to open the new premises, as you might have to make an insurance claim and wait for this to be processed before you could order replacement stock.

However, because commercial removalists have extremely secure vehicles and know how to protect their van's contents during transportation, they can get it to your new premises without any items going missing or arriving in a damaged state. As such, by using their services, you can reopen your jewellers in this new location as soon as your stock arrives and is unpacked.

You have to renovate the new premises before moving into it

If you need to do renovations to the new premises before you can move into it, then you'll need the help of some commercial removalists. Renovating your premises will consume most of your time. Dealing with contractors, choosing paint colours and materials and handling the issues that inevitably crop up with renovations will leave you with little time to do any of the tasks that you'd need to if you were moving your stock, furniture and equipment yourself (like renting a van, packing, hiring lifting equipment and so on).

In this situation, delegating this work to a commercial removal company, who you know you can trust to take care of your business-related possessions and get them to the new premises safely, will allow you to ensure the premises looks perfect when you move into it, without you having to worry about overlooking any moving-related tasks because you're so busy with the renovations.