How to Pack and Store Your Stuff

Practical Furniture Removal Hints for a Stress-Free Moving Procedure

If you have ever tried to move to a new home, you know that it's furniture that makes the entire moving process stressful. Most pieces of furniture are bulky, and if they aren't handled well, they could get damaged. Fortunately, you can hire removalists to handle the furniture removal work on your behalf. These professionals are trained and experienced in furniture removals, and they use updated equipment to ensure your belongings get to their destination in good shape. But what are some of the things you can do to prepare before the removalists get there? Read on to know more.

Visit and clean your new home

Before you can start planning how to move, it's essential to visit your new house in advance. You cannot afford to be a stranger in your own home on moving day. Therefore, consider visiting the area frequently so you can get acquainted with the locality. This will also give you a chance to understand your new space and where you'll place your furniture. You'll know whether you need more furniture or if you should sell or donate the extra furniture that may not fit in the house.

You also need to clean the house beforehand to give the new environment some freshness. This reduces the work on moving day and makes it easier for the removalist to organise the furniture upon arrival.

Consider disassembling the furniture

Even though you have already hired a furniture removalist, it doesn't hurt to dismantle some of your furniture in advance to save time. Begin by getting proper packing materials. Then, check the furniture that can be taken apart easily and remove the parts. Be sure to place the pieces, bolts, nuts and screws in a labelled box — a different box for each piece of furniture. Some of the furniture you can disassemble includes tables, shelves, glass tops, bed frames, etc. Do not try to pack heavy items if you can't handle it. Your removalists can take care of that when they arrive.

Take care of the fragile items

In most cases, furniture removalists do not pack delicate furniture or fragile items near any heavy furniture. This ensures that such items don't become damaged during transport. It's always better for you to take care of the delicate items on your own. Do not fret if you don't know how to go about it. The expert may recommend tips you can consider to guarantee their safety.