How to Pack and Store Your Stuff

The Packaging Supplies You Need To Deliver Your Fresh Food Items

Farming is an important industry in Australia, and much of this industry is based around fruit and vegetables. However, growing the produce is only one aspect of your job in presenting a good-looking and tasty finished product. An often underappreciated part of the fresh food industry is the transportation of the aforementioned fruit and vegetables. If you want to keep your produce looking as good as it possibly can right up until the customer takes it off the shelf, then there are a few packaging supplies you should really consider making a part of your weekly budget.

Wrapping Machines

While storing fruit and vegetables by hand can work to prevent their decay, this process will never be as good or as quick as a wrapping machine. Wrapping machines can expertly and precisely wrap your carrots, apples, bananas, eggplants or whatever else you want in a protective film of plastic. This stops several things:

  1. The produce will not move during transit. Movement could cause bruising and aesthetic damage that would affect the retail value.
  2. Insects will not be able to consume anything during the transit, which further cuts down on your losses.
  3. Wrapping machines also make it easier for stores to display your items straight away.

Strapping And Adhesives

Keeping your trays and punnets securely fastened inside of a bumpy truck can be a hard task if you don't have the proper packaging supplies. Strapping should be your first choice as it is less invasive and easy to remove on arrival. Look for straps that are easy to dispense and with a suitable width; smaller strapping can act as a knife through packaging if it is too tight. Adhesives like sellotape are better for lighter items but can be much easier than strapping. In conjunction with each other, they provide the ultimate support, so if you want a fully protected trip for your fruits and veggies, try both. 

Correct Punnets And Trays

Punnets and trays are the most common form of packaging supplies used by farmers, but often they are using a version that is outdated simply because they have used it for a long time and are comfortable. It is important to stay active and to make sure that newer punnets and trays are not available. Trays have developed to have better cushioning, be more sustainably sourced and fit on top of each other even better. Often there is no noticeable increase in the price either; it is just about knowing that other options exist. Next time you make an order for packaging supplies, make sure to browse the other items and see if you can bring your produce transportation into the 2020s. 

To learn more about packaging supplies, reach out to providers of different kinds of packaging materials.