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Sydney to Brisbane Removals with a Dog

If you're moving from Sydney to Brisbane with a pet in tow, you need to start planning your journey. Planning in advance and taking steps to maximise your pet's comfort make Syndey to Brisbane removals earlier, allowing everyone to enjoy the process.

Plan your travel options in advance 

As the old saying goes, "fail to prepare, prepare to fail". When you finalise the removal date, decide whether you want to travel by air or by car. There are advantages to both. If you travel by air, the journey is faster for your pet. However, unless they're small, you'll need to place them with the cargo. This means forming agreements in advance with the airline. In contrast, travelling with your pet in the car means you work to your own schedule. However, you may have to plan rest stops, especially if they're a large animal.

Make sure they're safe on the day

Moving days are hectic. Your removal people will carry furniture, boxes and garden items through the house. As such, you shouldn't leave your pet running loose, as they may cause an accident or encounter an injury themselves. To avoid safety problems, you can:

  • Leave the pet with a friend or neighbour
  • Allocate the pet to one person who can watch them
  • Place them in a designated room or in the garden

Avoid leaving your pet in their travelling cage from the start of the day, as this may make them anxious.

Consider using medication if they're anxious

If your pet does tend to experience anxiety, you can ask your vet for medications. Signs of anxiety in pets such as dogs include:

  • Their behaviour is unusual
  • They're raising one paw
  • They're giving you half-moon eyes
  • They turn their head away or begin hiding

If travel and new situations cause your pet to feel anxious, ask your vet for medications. In addition to pharmaceutical medications, your vet may recommend certain collars or herbal remedies.

If you're driving, plan the trip for your pet's comfort

Sydney to Brisbane removals can take four hours on the road and that's when the traffic is good. If your dog isn't adept at travelling long distances, try taking them out for increasingly longer drives on the build-up to the big day. You'll also need to choose a cage that's large enough for them to move around in. Finally, make sure you plan rest stops for your pet to eat and respond to nature's call. How often you perform these rest stops should depend on your pet's usual habits.

Now you know a little more about long-distance moving with your dog, the trip should become easier. If you need further advice, try discussing the matter with your removal company.