How to Pack and Store Your Stuff

How to Better Organise 3 Major Trouble Spots In Your Home

If your home always seems to be overrun with "stuff," you may just need to get organised and find better ways of storing certain items rather than assuming you need to toss them out. Note a few tips on how to do this in three major trouble spots for most homes.


Use garage walls for storage of long-handled tools and sporting goods. You can attach hooks to the walls to hold these items horizontally, or hang up lawn care tools by their ends, meaning the shovel face or rake tines. This can be safer than letting these items sit on the garage floor, where you may step on them or drive over them.

For more storage, add a shelf along the upper part of the wall where it will be out of the way of a vehicle, ensuring that you allow clearance for the garage door when opened. This can be just what you need for storage bins and totes. It can also be good to keep off-season sporting goods and tools in a self-storage unit so they're not taking up any space in the garage all those months they're not being used.


Small appliances that you use just a few times every year shouldn't be taking up valuable cupboard space in the kitchen; these should be in totes in the garage or in a self-storage space as a storage solution, so you can access them the few times they're needed but not trip over them every day. The same is true of decorative dishes, platters, holiday cookbooks, and bake ware. Put them all in a tote, label it accordingly, and store that tote in the garage or in a storage unit.


You don't need to toss out half your wardrobe to open up room in your closet, but might do well to store certain items elsewhere. Invest in some sturdy containers and go through your closet twice every year; pull out your off-season clothes, shoes, and accessories, and store these in totes and bins rather than the closet. If you don't have room under the bed for these totes, label them or take a photo of all the items inside, and then store them offsite in a self-storage unit. Removing coats, boots, and other items when spring arrives can make room in the closet for summer clothes, and storing away shorts and sandals can mean more space for heavier winter clothes and shoes and all those important accessories you'll need every season. Using a self-storage unit will also get these items out of the house and out of your way.