How to Pack and Store Your Stuff

Packing Supplies You Need for Your Upcoming Move

When getting ready for a move, you want to ensure you have all the right packing supplies so that your items are properly protected and they will arrive safe and undamaged at your new home. Never underestimate the importance of using actual packing supplies; while you can make do with newspaper and linens for packing some items, newspaper ink may transfer to those wrapped items and linens may not absorb impact while your items are in transit, allowing those packed items to crack and break. Note a few packing supplies you should choose instead for your upcoming move.

Packing paper

Packing paper is plain and without any marking, so there is no ink to transfer to your items. This paper is also usually a bit thicker than newspaper, so it provides better cushioning for breakable items. Use packing paper for dishes and glassware but also for items like artwork that might absorb the colour of items around them, including dark linens and dark fabric on upholstered furniture.

Bubble wrap

Unlike your linens and old sweatshirts, bubble wrap will absorb the impact of movement while items are in transit and keep those items from breaking. Using bubble wrap can be very important for longer moves where your items may have a higher risk for bumping around or for boxes sliding into one another. It's especially important to wrap delicate items such as glassware and fine china  in bubble wrap.

Moving wrap

Moving wrap is like industrial strength plastic wrap. It's good for protecting furniture items from dust, dirt, moisture and other such damaging elements. You can also keep awkwardly shaped items together by wrapping this plastic around them. For anything that doesn't fit in a box, and especially for longer moves where your items are at a greater risk of exposure to the elements, invest in moving wrap rather than relying on your own sheets and blankets for protecting them.

Packing tape

Never rely on masking tape, electrical tape or any other type of tape to hold boxes closed when you're packing for a move. Many types of tape don't have a strong adhesive and can easily fall away from the box because of the weight of items inside. On the other hand, packing tape is meant to be so tough and strong that it may require sharp scissors to open once you arrive at your new home! Invest in some rolls of the right packing tape to protect your boxes and the items inside during transit.