How to Pack and Store Your Stuff

Why Get a Custom Shipping Container for Your Residential Move?

A residential move can be very stressful for anyone, but it can be especially stressful for those who own lots of stuff and for an interstate move where you know you can't easily turn back and get forgotten items. One good way to alleviate some of this stress is to get a custom shipping container for your move. There are many such containers available, from lightweight plastic or vinyl with roll top doors to solid steel containers, used by companies to ship their inventory overseas. Note a few advantages to getting one of these types of containers so you know if it's the right choice for you.

Added protection for your items

Residential moving containers and containers used for commercial shipping are typically watertight and very sturdy. You may need that added protection for an interstate or any long-distance move, and especially if your items will be shipped over a body of water!

Storing and shipping your items in a moving container also adds an extra layer of protection between those items and the axle of a moving truck, so they may be less likely to vibrate out of place while on the road. The sturdy walls of a shipping container will reduce the risk of something getting crushed or broken while in transit. This can be especially important for larger and more delicate items that should remain stationary, such as a piano, delicate antiques or antique furniture, or even an ATV.

Awkward and dangerous items

If you have awkward or downright dangerous items to ship, simple moving boxes may not be sufficient for keeping those things safe. Items like power tools with sharp blades, heavy-duty lawn care equipment, and other such pieces can be dangerous for movers to pack in a truck, and those pieces may also put other items in the truck at risk of being damaged. To keep those items and everything else safe, use a sturdy steel shipping container.

Easier packing

One reason that a move is often so stressful for those who have a lot of stuff is that packing early, in the days or weeks leading up to the move, usually means that you now have moving boxes underfoot and in the way. This can be an annoyance and also increase the risk of damaging something, such as if a stack of boxes were to fall. To get them out of the way and ensure they're safe, you can get a shipping container and start packing it up as early as needed, and your movers can then just ship the container when it's ready to go.

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